What makes CPD File better than a regular internet search engine for finding CPD activities? 
CPD File is Canada’s most comprehensive directory of CPD activities, featuring dozens of providers in Canada. Unlike a search engine, which can take hours to navigate and yield meaningful results, CPD File gives immediately relevant results saving you time, money and frustration.

Why register to become a CPD File user? CPD File users can create a personal CPD plan, track completed CPD hours against your requirements, and receive important CPD deadline reminders. Also when a new activity is added to the directory that matches your criteria, you will be notified. You can register here.

How do I register as a CPD File user?
To register as a CPD File user, click on “Register" under “Are you a lawyer” on the bar on the right hand side of your screen. Complete the simple, easy to use web form, and you will receive an email confirming your user ID and password, and instructing you to log-in to complete the registration process. Registration is free.
What are my responsibilities when registering as a CPD File user?
Carefully input all relevant information and check it for accuracy. The information you enter during the registration process will determine the settings in your CPD Planner and Tracker, and your automatic notifications.
Why does CPD File collect information on my law society memberships and practice area(s)?
CPD File asks you which law societies you are a member of to determine your CPD requirements and filing deadlines. We use your practice area(s) selections to help identify activities that may be of interest to you. You can change or update your law society membership(s), practice area(s) or any other profile information at any time.  
Is any of my information visible to other CPD File users or to the public?
Can I use CPD File to report my CPD hours to my law society?
Some law societies allow members to report their CPD hours using CPD File. At present, this includes the Nova Scotia Barristers’ Society. CPD File users who want their record to be exported to the Nova Scotia Barristers’ Society by the CPD deadline, must check the box authorizing this in their profile.
Is my information secure?
CPD file is a secure system that uses industry standard encryption. 
I don't remember my password. How can I retrieve it? 
On the home page of CPD File, click on the "Request new password" button within the Log-in box. An email will automatically be sent out to the email address on file.
My law society, law firm or bar association already provides a directory of available courses and/or CPD tracking website. How is CPD File different?
CPD File isn’t trying to replace law society portals – in many cases these are the mandated filing mechanism that allows you to report that you’ve met your annual requirements. But most law society and other portals restrict the activities they list, showing only local or accredited or approved activities. There are countless additional eligible activities available in the market (which will usually qualify as CPD - even in accrediting jurisdictions - if the lawyer/legal professional or provider submits an application). Some organizations go even further and use so-called CPD directories, and planners and trackers to promote only their own programs. CPD File is Canada’s most comprehensive directory of CPD activities, featuring dozens of providers. Our planning and tracking tools are added benefits for users who don’t have access to these through their own law society or for users who want to plan and track independently of regulatory supervision. .
The CPD File website and video refers to functionality and pages, for example, my personal planner and tracker that I cannot find/access. Why is this?
CPD File has worked closely with some law societies in determining how to best maximize the CPD File user experience for their members. If “My CPD Planner and Tracker” does not appear on the right hand internal navigation bar after you log-in, it may be because your law society has its own CPD planner and tracker that they want you to use, and have asked us to hide this function from you in order to avoid confusion about reporting of CPD hours. Please feel free to contact us with additional questions.
I can’t seem to run the CPD File videos or tutorials. What’s going on?
There are countless reasons you may be having difficulty viewing videos on the internet. All of our videos stream on Vimeo. For help figuring out why you’re having trouble, visit http://vimeo.com/help.
I am/work for a CPD activity provider. How do I add our programs to the CPD File website?
Any Canadian CPD provider is invited to post its programs to CPD File. Contact support@cpdfile.com to obtain a Provider ID and password. Posting of activities by Canadian not-for-profit CPD providers is free.  Canadian for-profit CPD providers pay a nominal annual fee.
Can I advertise on CPD File?
CPD and other service providers who want to enhance their profile may purchase display advertising on our website. For a media kit please email gwilson@cpdfile.com
What do I do if I experience a technical problem?
What if I have additional questions?
Registration is free. To log-in or register, click here.